Friday, 28 January 2011

Child's Play

Liberty's new range of fabrics never fail to excite me!
This winter they have used children's book illustrators as designers/inspiration. Here a couple of my favourites:

This one is inspired by Quentin Blakes' illustrations from his 'ABC' book. It feels like it should illustrate the nursery rhyme 'Mary Mary, quite contrary' to me! It is called Lola Weisselberg.
Another print that I particularly like is by Lauren Child, who writes the 'Charlie and Lola' books, which I've never got into. However, I do like her ability to make even fabric look like cut out paper and Christmas decorations:

Find it here, in the Liberty fabric store. 

Iron & Wine

I saw Iron & Wine for the first time (after many years of adoration) at End Of The Road Festival in September, and my love grew into a near obesession. Sam Beam's ability to work stories into songs is something like the way my mum can knit a sock with no seam.  This song 'Rabbit Will Run' from his new album 'Kiss Each Other Clean' boasts breaking-into-the-vulnerable vocals and a (verging on Herman Dune) backing of thumb piano, sax and electric guitar...a whole new side to Iron and Wine!

Birthday Cakes

I have made a habit of ensuring that anyone I know with a birthday, gets a home made cake. These have come in all shapes and sizes, child like barbie cakes to diet irn bru cans (no really!).
It is my flat mate Clara's birthday tomorrow and I'm laid out with a nasty cold, but I might get James to help me create this yummy looking delight so that she doesn't miss out!
It's a bit more sophisticated than my usual creations, but we're getting old these days!

Growing up, my mum always made the most incredible cakes for birthdays. My favourite was a treasure chest that actually opened up and was full of chocolate coins. I must ask her how she did that.

What was your favourite cake growing up?