Friday, 26 August 2011


I hurt my neck yesterday and couldn't do much, so James and I had a night in with iplayer!
We decided on The Great British Bake Off, which my friend Mary told me to watch. Have you seen it?  It's SO GOOD!  (Also, there is a sweet baker with beautiful eyes to watch out for!)
In the one we watched last night, they had to bake different types of cakes, and they (mostly) looked so delicious. James said that he felt like he'd eaten lots of nice things just from watching it! One of their tasks was to create their own cupcakes that had a different flavour sponge to the topping. I saw this amazing recipe on Pinterest and I'm determined to make them this weekend, although I might need to get James to help me as I can't do much moving!

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Send me some more cupcake suggestions please!

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