Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Berkeley Brown Jewellery

Berkeley Brown is one of my favourite jewellery designers I've ever come across. She is from Canada but is Artist in Resident at Glasgow School of Art at the moment.
She has taken food as her inspiration, because she loves the pasion that it brings out in people. Berkeley says that "everyone tends to have quite individual, personal responses to food and I hope to evoke that in a playful way."

Here are some of her designs:

A grinder ring

A genius whisk necklace, with words about food on the 'wires'

A beautiful colander pendant 

My favourite is her moving petal ring, which Berkeley describes as an "effort to move away from the more literal references to cooking utensils...while keeping that original inspiration"
You can definitely get the feeling of a whisk in action with this amazing ring:

(Thanks Berkeley!)

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