Sunday, 6 March 2011


Geeeeeee Whiz...
We've been trying to dig up a bamboo root this weekend, and by golly it's strong. We have got through two spades and think there might be a couple more to go yet, but we have determination and we are desperate to get a raised bed in before it's too late to start planting.

Anyway, it made me think about my Aunty's intrepid adventures to India, where she tells me the scaffolding is made with bamboo. Like this: 

It's SO strong, no wonder its such a pain to get it out.
I've started to wonder if digging it up was SUCH a good idea after seeing this:

 Isn't it beautiful?! What a useful resource...I just wonder what the roots look like to get shoots that huge.

Other good things from this week are:

Emily from Tracer Trails has started an archive for all those brilliant DIY posters in Scotland, I've put a few on from my Bowery days. It's so nice to share the efforts of talented folk.

Also, this idea stirs the heart (hoho)

I'm going down to London this week, so if anyone has any suggestions of good things that are on at the moment, do tell. I'm excited to see friends and also hoping to see some of WOW.

Happy Sunday sleeping to you.

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