Monday, 28 March 2011

Isabella Rossellini

Another wee thing we got up to in London was a trip to the Natural History Museum where there is an amazing exhibition called Sexual Nature.
If you get the chance, do go and see it! It's brilliantly curated, and has the BEST videos of Isabella Rossellini dressing up as different animals and acting out the way they reproduce! The costumes are hilarious and I love the fact that all the props are so hand made and low budget. I am now a little obsessed with Isabella Rossellini and am showing everyone the films.

One of my favourites was about duck sex, which I've always found pretty appalling and a sad state of affairs for the female of the species. How wrong was I.....

I also love the one about the bees:

If you go to the Natural History Museum you'll get snails, and praying mantis and all sorts of other Isabella Rossellini "green porn"!

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