Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Belated London greetings

I had a break through last week.

I fell in love with London. It's true.

Ever since my time in New York I didn't think it was possible to find somewhere as energising and exciting. I went to London straight after my New York adventure and thought it was the worst, but I think it was a case of the wrong place (ie. the wrong part of London for me) at the wrong time (straight after the time of my life!) but this time my friends showed me how great it can be. And now I long for another London adventure!

We went down for James' birthday and had so many treats! One of the best was going to see Shirley Collins at the WOW festival at The Southbank.

She did readings from her book America Over Water (which is a lovely read) interspersed with the photographs and recordings her and Alan Lomax made on their travels down through some of the southern states of the USA.
She is an incredibly inspirational woman, and some of the music and encounters she described and played had me in tears. WOW indeed.

Here is one of her and Alan Lomax's recordings:
Midnight Special by Huddie Ledbetter

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